Against the Establishment
The third concert in the Female Composers Series takes place this week featuring music by pioneering composers such as Bonis, Chaminade and Lili Boulanger. Ahead of the concert, Laura Watson of Sounding the Feminists explores their works, the artistic world they worked in and the rise of the 'femme nouvelle'.
An Unknown Quantity: Addressing the Neglect of Historical Irish Opera
The neglect of historical Irish opera presents a problem – without performances and recordings, how can we assess their contribution to the wider world of opera? Following recent revivals, Una Hunt asks if there are signs that the situation is improving.
‘Over the last 15 years, the numbers have really increased’: Telling the Story of Women Uilleann Pipers
This February at the Imbolc festival in Derry, Louise Mulcahy will give a talk on the rarely heard history of women uilleann pipers. She speaks to The Journal of Music about her continuing journey of discovering new material.
'Tired of the confrontational': An Interview with Seán Clancy
The Journal of Music recently published an extensive interview with the composer Raymond Deane in which he was critical of the new generation of Irish composers, describing some of their work as ‘unchallenging’. In this interview, Adrian Smith interviews Seán Clancy, a composer of the new generation, about his work, Deane’s views, and the music of new Irish composers.
'It’s just not everything I am': An Interview with Damien Mullane
Ahead of his upcoming Music Network tour with Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Siobhan Miller and Anna Massie, accordionist Damien Mullane speaks to The Journal of Music about his career to date, including working with De Dannan and Sting, and finding his own sound within traditional Irish music.
'You really share a moment': an Interview with Mairéad Hickey
Ahead of her performance at the Chamber Music Gathering at the NCH and University Church, violinist Mairéad Hickey speaks to The Journal of Music about studying in Germany, playing chamber music and setting up her own festival.
How Music Can Empower Us in the Fight for Climate Justice
Young people are not waiting for action on climate change any more – they are taking action, and history shows that music is going to play a key role in their movement, writes Toner Quinn.
The Festival That Starts With 'The First Delivery of Bread’
The unique Scoil Gheimhridh Ghaoth Dobhair winter festival takes place from 27 December to 1 January in Donegal, and includes a talk this year from one of its founders, Gearóid Ó Maonaigh. He spoke to The Journal of Music about the festival's origins and his highlights over the years.
Broaching the Disconnect
The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival is gradually transforming our concept of the new music event, writes James Camien McGuiggan, addressing the disconnect from the rest of musical life – this year's 10-day festival showed we are beginning to see the rewards.
Why We Should Be Listening to Folk Music
Nobody spotted the rise of populism, say the media and the politicians, but that’s not entirely true when it comes to folk music, writes Toner Quinn. There is a case to be made for listening much more carefully to the music around us.