Sexism and the Leaving Cert. Music Syllabus
The representation of women in the Leaving Certificate music syllabus is practically non-existent, writes Laura Watson, and revision is long overdue.
Kirkos Ensemble – Blackout #3
Anna Murray reviews Kirkos Ensemble's Blackout #3 at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.
A Musical Intifada
In 'Children of the Stone', a new book by Sandy Tolan, two drastically different visions of music’s potential collide, writes Raymond Deane.
The Truth About Ireland’s Music Business
World-conquering labels and musically literate entrepreneurs – these are the keys to the creation of a music industry, writes Gareth Murphy, but is that what Ireland has?
A Visibility Mission: The RTÉ Lyric FM Record Label
The RTÉ Lyric FM label, established over a decade ago, has now released over forty recordings. Garrett Sholdice listens to the latest six – and considers the 'visibility mission' for Irish music that the label is engaged in.
James Wilson's Inexplicable Decision
What was behind composer James Wilson's decision to come to Ireland? Mark Fitzgerald's new book, reviewed by Benjamin Dwyer, explores this and other questions.
Why We Need a Traditional Music Infrastructure
The world of the professional traditional musician appears to be contracting, writes Toner Quinn.
Boulez is Alive
Boulez is alive, writes John McLachlan, but who is engaging with his work?
Music for a Dis-Uniting Kingdom?
The UK is bursting with ideas in new music, writes Christopher Fox, but what are the current trends telling us?
The Manufacture of Irish Traditional Music
Is Irish traditional music a newly constructed music – manufactured for the needs of an island going through traumatic upheaval? Niall Keegan discusses Martin Dowling's new collection of essays, 'Traditional Music and Irish Society: Historical Perspectives'.