Benjamin Dwyer

Benjamin Dwyer is a guitarist and composer and the author of ‘Different Voices: Irish Music and Music in Ireland’. He is Professor of Music at Middlesex University’s School of Media and Performing Arts.

James Wilson's Inexplicable Decision
What was behind composer James Wilson's decision to come to Ireland? Mark Fitzgerald's new book, reviewed by Benjamin Dwyer, explores this and other questions.
This November, a festival dedicated to the music of György Ligeti, one of the giants of twentieth-century composition, takes place in Dublin. Benjamin Dwyer, Artistic Director of ‘Remembering Ligeti’, describes what makes the Hungarian’s music so remarkable.
An Interview by composer Benjamin Dwyer with double-bassist and composer Barry Guy.
Reflections on the Adorno/Berg Correspondences.
The Life and Music of Brian Boydell
A review of a recent book on the Irish composer.
Art and Society: A response to Vincent Twomey.
Benjamin Dwyer discusses the treatment of classical music in some recent books on Irish culture.
Art and the Vedic tradition.
Dear Editor,As JMI reaches its third birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the excellent contribution it has made to the music scene in Ireland. As a performer, composer and promoter of new music in Ireland for the past fifteen...
A major new book on Irish classical music in the twentieth century.
A Eunuch's Shadow
Composer Benjamin Dwyer on new music criticism.
Composer and Director of the concert series Mostly Modern, Benjamin Dwyer, discusses performance issues in the contemporary music scene.