Gareth Murphy

Gareth Murphy is the author of Cowboys and Indies – The Epic History of the Record Industry. He lives in Paris.

The Truth About Ireland’s Music Business
World-conquering labels and musically literate entrepreneurs – these are the keys to the creation of a music industry, writes Gareth Murphy, but is that what Ireland has?
Dark Side of the Boom: Music and the Generation Game
Like a canary in a coal mine, the music industry has collapsed just before Wall Street, twice in one century. Gareth Murphy explores the eerie parallels – and what could come next.
Parisian Radar
France may not be a leading exporter of music, but the Paris scene is a great importer, able to spot talents, even with English lyrics, that seem to pass other countries by. From James Joyce’s Ulysses to the contemporary American folk singer Alela Diane, what is it about Parisians that allows them to spot greatness?