The Art of Azealia Banks

So much of what we think of as musical experience is shaped by images. Distinctive typography, logos, and other artwork have been crucial in artists and organisations, from the Smiths to Deutsche Grammophon, forging a distinctive and creative identity. Azealia Banks is no different, with GIFs and images in what has been described as a ‘Disney meets Daria’ aesthetic accompanying her mixtapes and singles thus far. The artist behind those images, Christina Lu, was recently interviewed by Pitchfork on the subject, with lots of examples of her art included in the article:

She gives me the ideas first. She knows what she wants. I usually don’t hear the songs until after I’ve drawn the art. Sometimes I hear them and I’m like, “Wait, what? I should have listened to this first.” But Azealia likes it, so it works for her.

Published on 1 August 2012

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