'I Suppose I Am Escapist.'

Andrew Hamilton. Photo: Ingrid Hora.

'I Suppose I Am Escapist.'

Ahead of a performance of his music in the Netherlands, the Irish composer Andrew Hamilton spoke about what makes him passionate about composing music:

Often I am trying to recreate what made me became a musician in the first place, that feeling of complete freedom when you are playing music and you forget everything your boring, mundane problems, the worry that you don’t have enough for this months rent, etc., etc. The intensity of the moment, destroying time. I suppose I am escapist.

He also speaks about his earliest memory of creating music:

I was one of those annoying children who sings constantly about everything they see, especially on long car journeys. I drove my brothers mad. The first piece I wrote down was called This Great World, but I spelt it incorrectly as This Great Would which makes me sound like a far more intellectual ten year old than I was.


Published on 8 October 2012

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