'Middlebrow Classical Music was Saved'

The Classic BRIT Awards at the Royal Albert Hall, London

'Middlebrow Classical Music was Saved'

The music journalist Paul Morley published a highly critical account of this year’s Classic BRIT Awards ceremony. Writing for the new classical music website Sinfini, Morley wrote:

Tears were intended to be jerked, and the stacked up Albert Hall audience encouraged to swell with pride, and along the way, as a bit of a bonus for those looking to capitalise on the persuasive power of pretty melodies, middlebrow classical music was saved, or at least given a patriotic purpose very useful in uncertain times.

To appear suspiciously resistant to this scheming reduction of music to a sticky, manipulative meringue would be to question the virtues and valiant efforts of the Team GB athletes and their constant Queen. Who would want to do that, to suggest that commercially mocked up middle-of-the-road melodrama and an occasional pleasing burst of bright, efficient playing was being given a fine coating of synthetic sophistication and undiluted emotional power courtesy of Royal jewels and sporting champions? Only the really churlish would suggest that a force field of protection, using an unlikely combination of Bradley Wiggins’ beloved pumping thighs and the Queen’s candy-coloured, begloved royal fingers, had been constructed to repel the feeling that what was going on was deeply unseemly.


Published on 10 October 2012

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