What Happens to Old Pianos?

What Happens to Old Pianos?

A recent BBC piece by Cordelia Hebblethwaite looks at what happens to pianos when they or no longer wanted, or when they have badly deteriorated. She speaks to piano restorer John Gist in Kentucky:

‘It’s like a human, it slowly goes downhill in terms of its health. There are more and more pianos reaching extinction, needing to go to the graveyard. I get ten to fifteen calls a day from people saying ‘So how much is my piano worth?’ 

But as Gist tells Hebblethwaite, the reality is that many old pianos are worthless.

This reminds us of Toner Quinn’s article from a few years back, in which he looks at the place of the piano in the home, and whether affection for the instrument has been sustained.

Do you have an old piano and is it ever played? Or have you ever had to dispose of a piano that nobody wanted? And would you ever go so far as to burn a musical instrument? Tell us in the comments below.




Published on 1 November 2012

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