Daniel Martin Moore Irish Tour
Daniel Martin Moore is touring Ireland this September as part of a European tour. On this tour he will be joined by Joan Shelley to perform songs from their new duo release Farthest Field, as well as... Read More
Introductions to Contemporary Music
The Irish composer Seán Clancy has recently begun a series of posts on interesting pieces of contemporary music. Clancy explains the series: Warum! Nicht Wie, which translates as Why! not how, is a... Read More
New Song from Flying Lotus and Erykah Badu
Distinctive and often mesmerising wonky hip hop artist Flying Lotus will produce Erykah Badu's new album. The first musical fruits of that collaboration recently emerged online, in the shape of the... Read More
John Maus on his Audacious Younger Self
Although it could have done without the rather pathetic and oh so familiar 'isn't this artist so clever, he references Socrates and Lacan, we couldn't possibly keep up, and don't worry dear reader... Read More
Our Only Hope Is Another Human
Upon the release of his group's newest album, Mature Themes, the follow up to 2010's genre-breaking Before Today (which saw the formerly lo fi hypnagogic artist transform into a 1970s West Coast... Read More
Turning Tweets into Music
140 characters to make a piece of music. Your tweets, whether positive or negative, about sports, politics or technologies, can now be turned into music through an online installation by Daniel Jones... Read More
Cage: The Legend
John Cage would have been 100 this year. In honour of that centenary, the BBC Proms in London is hosting a brave, exploratory concert. The Guardian just published an article where some of those... Read More
An 'Alternative' Beatles Catalogue?
Before the 'album' was standardised as the canonical musical form for the expression of cohesive, singular artistic statements in popular music, many artists' music was packaged and repackaged at... Read More
Stuck in the 1990s?
Anyone who caught the Olympics Closing Ceremony this past week will have noticed the pervasiveness of heritage and 1990s popular music. At times it felt like a tribute to Blairite Britain, with... Read More
Interviews with soloists for CMC showcases
The Contemporary Music Centre in Dublin is presenting a series of four short early evening solo concerts celebrating the work of various Irish composers, at Exchange Dublin. The video below contains... Read More