French Music Magazine from the 1950s
The design journal Eye posted recently about an issue of Sonorama, a French music magazine published from 1958 to 1961. This particular issue is from June 1958 and includes music on flexi-... Read More
The Green Linnet — Barney McKenna and Tony McMahon
Will the like of it ever be seen again on our screens? 'I don't believe these old traditions should be let die,' says Tony MacMahon, 'because these men made great music on the streets for people to... Read More
A Brief History of Rock n' Roll in 100 Guitar Riffs
Alex Chadwick of Chicago Music Exchange has recorded a history of rock n' roll in 100 guitar riffs. The performance, on a 1958 Fender Stratocaster, lasts just over twelve minutes. 
The Power Of The Particular
Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake'. Betraying his habitual endorsement of somewhat limited ideas concerning the pre-eminence of biography and lyrics in the interpretation of music, Bob Lefsetz... Read More
A Clockwork Orange with Original Music by Anthony Burgess
  Anthony Burgess' musical play of A Clockwork Orange was performed in Manchester last week – for the first time using the composer's own music. Burgess is often overlooked as a composer and... Read More
Debussy Edition Praised
In honour of Claude Debussy's 150th birthday, Universal are releasing an eighteen-CD collection of what Andrew Clements in the Guardian has called 'among the dinest Debussy recordings ever made',... Read More
Five Run Away Together
The Vox Merus brass quintet, comprised of some of the country's premiere orchestral and ensemble players, have just released a recording of Five Run Away Together, a work by Belfast-based composer... Read More
Access Not Ownership
Founder of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, David Lowery, recently wrote a widely-circulated article responding to an NPR intern's account of her experiences with file-sharing and... Read More
Mike Scott And Steve Wickham Interview
On this week's RTÉ Miriam Meets programme, Mike Scott and Steve Wickham of the Waterboys spoke about their musical relationship, including how in the mid-1980s Wickham invited Scott to Dublin... Read More
Lyric fm Interview with Composers Emma O'Halloran, Dylan Rynhart and Ben McHugh
RTÉ lyric fm's Culture File show and podcast recently interviewed young Irish composers Emma O'Halloran, Dylan Rynhart and Ben McHugh about their work, their current projects, and about the '... Read More