The Record Player that Plays Trees
Years is an installation piece involving a record player that plays slices of wood. The piece is by Bartholomäus Traubeckwho uses a Playstation Eye Camera, a turntable and Ableton Live software... Read More
Queer Rap?
A great article by Clare Considine in the Guardian about the (apparent) rise of 'queer' rap in New York. Although the article suffers from the typical journalistic trap of imposing a possibly false... Read More
Don't You Have a Blog Where I Can Download Your Music for Free?
This cartoon, by Frederick Deligne, pointedly encapsulating a widespread attitude to music in the digital download era, is doing the rounds on Facebook. The irony is that in all likelihood no thought... Read More
Izumi Improvises
Japanese born and Dublin based jazz and contemporary pianist Izumi Kimura recently uploaded these pieces of free improvisation, played with her usual verve and style, crossing the boundaries... Read More
Video for We Cut Corners song wins at Annecy
This video for Irish band We Cut Corner's A Pirate's Life, by Polish duo Kijek/Adamski has won Best Music Video at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The video was hand-drawn frame-by... Read More
How Rian Became A Fabulous Beast
'Dance is profoundly important,' Liam Ó Maonlaí said during the development of his collaboration with Fabulous Beast, Rian a year ago. 'You go to the Sahara Desert where it's a struggle to get... Read More
Are Classical Audiences Too Well Behaved?
Alan Pierson, conductor of Dublin's Crash Ensemble as well as Alarm Will Sound and the Brooklyn Philharmonic, was quoted in a New York Times piece this week about classical music audiences, and... Read More
Nicolas Cage performs John Cage's 4'33"
Not quite what John Cage had in mind, but this surely ranks among the more original of the John Cage centennial performances.
First Mobile Mixer for iPad and iPhone
The makes of the iRig MIX claim it to be the first mobile mixer for iPad and iPhone. It features full EQ controls and can be used with any audio source, so it can also be connected to a CD player,... Read More
The Shantytown Orchestra in New Orleans
Described as 'an interactive installation comprised of musical architecture', the Music Box was was created by the organisation New Orleans Airlift: The Music Box features purpose-built shacks... Read More