Traditional Music in the New Scotland Steve McGrail Musician Steve McGrail looks at the prospects for traditional music in Scotland after Scottish devolution.
Ó Riada is Dead – Long Live Ó Riada! Ó Riada is Dead – Long Live Ó Riada! Raymond Deane Composer Raymond Deane tackles the ongoing 'Ó Riada myth'.
Towards the Far Country – Ian Wilson Jane O'Leary A review by composer Jane O'Leary of a CD of Ian Wilson's string quartets.
In Two – Mike Nielsen and Tommy Halferty Seán MacErlaine A review of a new recording by two of Ireland's finest jazz guitarists.
A Dedicated Jazz Venue for Ireland Gerry Godley Gerry Godley of the Improvised Music Company makes the case for a custom-made venue for jazz.
After the Fianna: Reality and Perceptions of Traditional Singing in Ireland Tom Munnelly Collector Tom Munnelly assesses the state of Irish traditional singing today.
Aloys Fleischmann (1910-1992): A Life for Music in Ireland Anne M. Murphy A review of a collections of articles and essays on the composer Aloys Fleischmann, compiled by his daughter Ruth Fleischmann.
MacMahon from Clare – Tony MacMahon MacMahon from Clare – Tony MacMahon Toner Quinn A review of accordion player Tony MacMahon's first solo recording in over thirty years.
Babel – Roger Doyle Aad van Nieuwkerk A review of Roger Doyle's magnum opus – his five-CD Babel.
Harmonica – Mick Kinsella Joe Brennan A review of harmonica vituroso Mick Kinsella's first CD.