Architectures, Music for Solo Instrument

Architectures, Music for Solo Instrument

Various Artists

London, UK (for immediate release 12.07.16)


RMN Classical is extremely excited to announce the release of the new album “Architectures, Music for Solo Instrument”. 

The new album is a wide exploration of compositional techniques of the 21st century. It includes twelve compositions written by twelve composers selected through an international Call for Scores linked to the project. 

The new works have been written for solo flute, solo oboe, solo violin and harpsichord. Performed by the talented Carmine Marcello Rizzi (violin), Pietro Doronzo (flute), Alberto Signorile (oboe) and Eloise Ameruoso (harpsichord) the new recording has been produced by composer-conductor Riccardo Romano (RMN Classical label’s music executive) and recorded by composer and sound engineer Nicola Monopoli at the Studio G.Curci in Italy. The album will be available on every digital outlet and platform online from Friday, December 9, 2016.


The playlist includes:

01. Three Invocations for solo flute by Sun Mi Ro

A piece composed in memory of composer’s grandmother that navigates various technical aspects of the instrument while exploring distinct aesthetic characteristics.

02. Eppitru for solo violin by Aaron Parker

A work that sprang from the composer’s desire to flex different compositional muscles, to write untethered from underlying formal anchors and to be lead primarily by instinct.

03. Chloe for solo violin by Ryan Latimer

Which referrers to Calvino’s novel, Invisible Cities, the explorer Marco Polo, and emperor Kublai Kahn. The piece also borrowed from the Greek meaning of the name Chloe.

04. Unconventional Tuning for solo oboe by Tony Manfredonia

A modern twelve-tone piece that opens on A then plays in retrograde beginning on C. The piece is based on the oboe’s role of orchestra tuner while at the same time focusing on the tonal centre for beginner musicians.

05. 7th Chakra Sahasrara for solo flute by Paul Kopetz

Sahasrara for solo flute, presented on this recording, is the thematic climax and point of rest/equilibrium of the suite ‘Chakras’, the composer’s personal exploration of the seven energy centres presented by seven solo woodwind instruments of ascending tessitura.

06. Mindoro Oriente for harpsichord by Per Christian Arnesen

Inspired by the east side of the beautiful island of Mindoro in the Philippines, the music reflects the shifting in weather and mind, especially during the rainy season. Firstly written for solo piano, the piece has been adapted for harpsichord in 2016 specifically for this release.

07. Flute Fantasy for solo flute by Sung-Hyun Yun

A piece in which the relationship between sound and silence is, in a way, curiously examined and where the term “fantasy”, in the context of this piece, denotes less of the spectacular, and more of the intriguing image of the note itself in a vastly empty, silent space. 

08. II a Crow for solo violin by Sophie Pope

This is composer’s second piece based on crow sounds. In this work the composer has used the softer more whistle-like sounds that form fast sequences, virtuosic and oratorical, analysing the sounds spectrally and reconstructing them for the violin. 

09. Slough for solo violin by Joshua Marquez

Through the process of degradation, Slough, for solo violin, transforms into different states through changes in texture, articulation, character, etc… The extreme contrasts, throughout, are representational of the chunky shedding that is associated with the word “slough”.

10. Show me what you are not! for solo oboe by Tobias Fandel

Instrumental solo from the homonymous video ballet the piece seeks to reflect the quest for the own identity by transforming the original or expected oboe sound towards unknown appearances to approach the iconic sound of the trumpet. 

11. Inquietude for solo flute by Greg A Steinke

A short etude-like piece written in memory of the famous flautist William Kincaid meant to capture the flavour of some of Kincaid’s practice exercises heard in practice rooms.

12. [Prae]ludere for harpsichord by Paolo Geminiani

The piece explores the dimension of the prelude as re-imagined for the 21th-century player. Like an improvised open-form the score never gives details or instructions about rhythm, tempo and metronome and the decision is left to the interpretation skills of the performer.

“Architectures, Music for Solo Instrument” will be available on every digital outlet and platform from Friday, December 9, 2016 (RMN Classical).




Published on 8 December 2016

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