New Releases: Jazz/Improvised Music (October 2018)

Moses Boyd

New Releases: Jazz/Improvised Music (October 2018)

A round-up of new jazz and improvised music releases

Featured below: Shai Maestro, Eris 136199, Moses Boyd, Ulrike Haage and Christian Meyer and Erna Rot.

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Shai Maestro: The Dream Thief
28 September 2018

The Dream Thief is an exceptionally delicate and introspective album from the Israeli pianist Maestro. On his first album on ECM, he is joined by Jorge Roeder (bass) and Ofri Nehemya (drums), who unobtrusively frame his playing throughout, spotlighting Maestro’s almost romantic melodic writing.



Eris 136199: Eris 136199
Buster and Friends
9 October 2018

This eponymous album is the second from the trio of Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora and Nick Didkovsky (named after the the solar system’s ‘tenth planet’), and is as boundary-pushing and experimental as you would hope from these three musicians. The album creates a collage of cutting instrumental sounds that is at once challenging and irresistable, demanding the listener explore its dense patterns. 

Moses Boyd: Displaced Diaspora
Exodus Records
28 September 2018

London-based Moses Boyd combines the sounds of the city with Nigerian Yoruba chants in this compelling album. There is a kind of emotional and stylistic transparency to Displaced Diaspora, with Boyd’s influences always very much in evidence, whether hip-hop, grime or electronica. Boyd is also joined by upcoming fusion jazz artists such as Nubya Garcia and Kevin Haynes.


Ulrike Haage/Christian Meyer: Stills
Blue Pearls Music
31 August 2018

Jazz pianist Haage (the first woman to receive the German Jazz Prize in 2003) is joined by electronic musician Christian Meyer for this striking album. It is aptly named – each track feels like a still image with piano at the centre, with the electronics bringing out new angles and perspectives.

Erna Rot: Angst & Weltschmerz
28 September

Despite the title of her latest album (‘worry and world-weariness’), German singer Erna Rot brings a delightful brightness to her indie and traditional European song-tinged jazz. Unpredictable and revelling in sounds and words, there is a real pleasure in listening to the essential optimism of Rot. 

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Published on 3 October 2018

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