Acoustic Gigs in Kildare Pub

Acoustic Gigs in Kildare Pub

Acts confirmed for the small Kildare pub for the year ahead include Johnny Duhan, Ger Wolfe, Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart, Peter Mulvey, John Spillane, Otis Gibbs, Woodbine, Richard Gillewitz, Sara Grey and Kieron Means, and Jeff and Vida.

The late Larry Roddy singing in Mick Murphy’s, Ballymore, County Kildare.

The Monday night Ballymore Acoustic Gigs haven’t even been going a year yet but these regular rootsy gigs are showing staying power already, with impressive acts being booked in, a sense of community building up (regulars are called ‘BAGers’), lots of reminders being sent out about gigs, preparations being made well in advance for future gigs ‘in the BAG’ (bookings are already in for September), and plans in place to turn their open mic Christmas party last year (‘A Vibe for Larry Roddy’) into an annual event.

The venue is the small, old-style Mick Murphy’s pub in the village of Ballymore, Co Kildare, and the gigs are being run by Roy Thompson. Thompson explains: ‘Gigs are hosted in a listening room with an ethos of quiet attentiveness. This venue was previously booked by Larry Roddy who passed away in November 2010. Lar was a great friend to me, and I had the great pleasure of being his ‘sound guy’ in Ballymore for several years. Those were great times for us, for the musicians who came to play, and the loyal and wonderful listening audiences who made those nights so special. It is my hope to keep the gigs going for many years to come and to ensure that what was a positive experience for all involved, continues to be just that.’

Coming up immediately in March are Johnny Duhan on 12 March, and Ger Wolfe on 26 March. Acts ‘in the BAG’ so far for the year ahead include Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart in April; Peter Mulvey on 14 May, and John Spillane on 28 May; Otis Gibbs, and Woodbine both in June; Richard Gillewitz, Sara Grey and Kieron Means, and Jeff and Vida in September.

Some of the acts that have performed to date are: Clive Barnes and Gavin Glass, Buddy Mondlock and Melissa Greener, Gareth Pearson and Craig D’Andrea, Pete Cummins and Ger Kiely, Dana Cooper, Albert Niland, Mick Hanly, and Matt Andersen.

Published on 8 March 2012

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