The Diary of Jon Boden

The Diary of Jon Boden

Jon Boden is a singer and fiddle-player born in Chicago and raised inWinchester, England. A creative presence on the English folk scene,with a unique voice, he forms one half of the duo Spiers and Boden, waspreviously a member of Eliza Carthy’s band The Ratcatchers, and is theco-founder, lead singer and fiddle player of the eleven-piece bandBellowhead which have already won several BBC folk awards. He has justreleased his second album of original songs, Songs from the Floodplain.

Aged eight, sitting at the kitchen table helping my mum to make marmalade whilst Heseltine laid into Thatcher live on the radio. I remember my mum cheering along. I didn’t understand much of what was being said, but I had been brought up to despise Thatcher and, besides, Mum’s jubilation was infectious. The smell of marmalade being made isn’t something I come across very often these days, but when I do it takes me straight back.

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Published on 1 June 2009

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