Hamilton's Relentless Pursuit
Andrew Hamilton's 'music for people who like art' was the nearest thing to a smash hit in contemporary music, writes Adrian Smith. A new recording on the NMC label includes works composed either side of it too.
Reimagining Belfast
Fiddle-player Conor Caldwell's diverse new album is inspired by both the historic work of collector Edward Bunting and the sounds of contemporary Belfast, writes Toner Quinn.
Misunderstandings, Trickery and Guile
Irish National Opera's production of The Marriage of Figaro was fresh, visually arresting and cartoonish, writes Brendan Finan. But why does opera still rely on women's stories as told by men?
The Theatre of the Sonic Object
The Music Current festival continues to present intriguing, uncompromising sound works, as Anna Murray found at a performance by Yarn | Wire.
Undeniable Craft
Brendan Finan finds self-assurance and careful design in this new collection of Bill Whelan's orchestral works, released on the RTÉ Lyric FM label.
Pointing Towards the Future
Belfast harper Úna Monaghan's new album is a surprising – sometimes startling – mix of traditional music material and electronics, writes Anna Murray.
From Broken Dream to Musical Healing
Adrian Scahill reviews 'Aisling Ghéar', a stark and unflinching new documentary on the concertina player Noel Hill.
Opera for Our Time
Adrian Smith reads Adès’s 'Powder Her Face' as a story of female empowerment and upper-class complacency in the very promising first production from Irish National Opera.
Hear the Water
Naomi Berrill's new album is an ode to sea, using cello and vocals to conjure up its sounds. Julie Seagrave – in her second review as part of the Journal of Music/Galway City Council Music Writer Mentoring Scheme – hears undercurrents, unexpected pulls and more.
Room for Everyone
In the final review from our Journal of Music/Clare County Council Music Writer Mentoring Scheme, Deirdre Clare writes about the latest recording from one of Clare's most renowned traditional musicians.