Making the Case for Ina Boyle
A recent book on the life and work of the Irish composer Ina Boyle suggests an oeuvre worth uncovering. James Camien McGuiggan explores the arguments.
A New Irish Musical Language is Developing
We have entered a new era in Irish music, writes Toner Quinn, in which a language based on traditional music and song is producing extraordinary work across genres, but is it getting the attention it deserves?
‘We know traditional music represents so much more than just the melody that you hear’: Úna Monaghan at Tradition Now and Galway Jazz Festival
Harper, composer and recipient of the inaugural Liam O’Flynn award, Úna Monaghan will perform solo in Dublin and Galway next week. She spoke to the Journal of Music about her current work for harp and electronics.
Lyric FM Needs a New Vision, Not More Cuts
Lyric FM is under threat because of RTÉ's financial difficulties, but a better future for the station is possible, writes Toner Quinn.
‘I’m in this business to be moved, to be communicated with, to be transported’: An Interview with Finghin Collins
One of Ireland's best known classical musicians, Finghin Collins is also Artistic Director of the New Ross Piano Festival, which takes place on 25–29 September. He spoke to the Journal of Music about the balance between performing and programming, what he looks for in concerts, and his own musical background.
Where is All the New Orchestral Music?
The amount of new work commissioned and performed by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra has dropped significantly in recent years. Such short-termism affects our musical culture and the generations to come, writes Adrian Smith.
‘There’s music everywhere’: An Interview with Josephine Marsh
Music Network's first autumn tour begins this Wednesday 11 September with Josephine Marsh, Laoise Kelly, Tara Breen and Nell Ní Chroínin. The Journal of Music spoke to the Clare accordionist and composer about her musical background and the tunes written specifically for the tour.
'The music jumped out at me from the page as I was reading it’: Raymond Deane on his new opera ‘Vagabones’
'Vagabones' will receive its premiere this Friday at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght. Composer Raymond Deane spoke to the Journal of Music about composing, musical tradition and politics.
‘I’m interested in … seeing stories unfold’: Andrew Synnott’s New Opera to be Premiered at Wexford Festival Opera
'La Cucina' is the first ever opera on the festival's main stage by a living Irish composer.
For the Cause of Classical Music
A new biography of Olive Smith, written by her daughter, the musician Gillian Smith, provides an insight into the progressive changes in classical music in Ireland in the twentieth century, writes Hazel Farrell.