'The music jumped out at me from the page as I was reading it’: Raymond Deane on his new opera ‘Vagabones’
'Vagabones' will receive its premiere this Friday at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght. Composer Raymond Deane spoke to the Journal of Music about composing, musical tradition and politics.
‘I’m interested in … seeing stories unfold’: Andrew Synnott’s New Opera to be Premiered at Wexford Festival Opera
'La Cucina' is the first ever opera on the festival's main stage by a living Irish composer.
For the Cause of Classical Music
A new biography of Olive Smith, written by her daughter, the musician Gillian Smith, provides an insight into the progressive changes in classical music in Ireland in the twentieth century, writes Hazel Farrell.
‘I wanted them all to be a contribution to the Scottish traditional music canon’: An interview with fiddle-player Aidan O’Rourke
Scottish fiddle-player Aidan O’Rourke, a member of the groundbreaking band Lau, has just released his fifth solo album, '365: Volume 2', part of a huge volume of compositions written in response to stories by James Robertson. O’Rourke spoke to the Journal of Music about his music and composing and how his latest project is about ‘coming back to traditional music’.
Ireland Needs to Celebrate the Work of Jennifer Walshe
The achievements of Ireland's composers abroad are not getting enough attention at home.
Lose Myself in this World
Cork Midsummer Festival on 19–22 June featured an ambitious new work by composer Karen Power featuring vocalists Ute Wassermann and Michelle O’Rourke, the Quiet Music Ensemble and a specially formed sound choir. Don O'Mahony reviews.
Generation Borderless
Other Voices took place in Belfast at the weekend, accompanied by a number of discussions on borders, cultural breakthroughs and the redemptive power of music, writes Toner Quinn.
‘It has been this burst of energy’: An Interview with Donnacha Dennehy
Next week at the Cork Midsummer Festival, Sō Percussion will give the European premiere of Donnacha Dennehy’s ‘Broken Unison’, a co-commission between Carnegie Hall and Cork Opera House. The Journal of Music spoke to the Irish composer, who now lives in the States, about his music, his life in America and what drives his work.
‘A thoughtful musician and a thoughtful composer’: Remembering Paddy Fahey
The great traditional Irish fiddle-player and composer Paddy Fahey died at the weekend. The Journal of Music spoke to musicians Martin Hayes, Liz Kane and Breda and Claire Keville about his music and legacy.
What do the EU Election Results Mean for Music and the Arts?
The EU’s 'Work Plan for Culture 2019–22' is likely to shape support for the arts and music in the coming years, but what does it contain?