Barra Boydell

Barra Boydell is Senior Lecturer in Music at NUI Maynooth and currently holds a Senior Research Fellowship from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences. He is Hon. Secretary of the Society for Musicology in Ireland and has published widely on the history of music in Ireland. He is general editor, with Harry White, of the Encyclopedia of Music in Ireland to be published by UCD Press, Dublin. 

Dr Barra Boydell, Co-General Editor, Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland, writes:I write on behalf of the editors and publishers of the Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland to express our surprise that you saw fit in the March-April issue of JMI to publish Barra...
A review of a new book by Patrick Zuk on composer Raymond Deane, part of the new Field Day Music series, and the first biography to be published in an Irish composer's lifetime.
A review of Richard Pine's book Music and Broadcasting in Ireland.
Third-level Music and the Leaving Certificate
Lecturer in Music in NUI Maynooth, Barra Boydell discusses the slide in standards in third-level music in Ireland.