Fergus Johnston

Fergus Johnston is a Dublin-based composer. His CD Ard Fhearta has just been released and is available in Tower Records, the National Concert Hall shop, and the Contemporary Music Centre.

Fergus Johnston, Dublin 2, writes: I am baffled as to why you bothered to print such a stupid piece of writing as the letter titled ‘Organic Music’ on the eponymous composer B’ween Kay Li, (buíon céilí, or céilí...
Dear Editor,David Flynn asks why has there not been an Irish Bartók and bemoans the lack of an Irish school of composition. If you were to ask, why has there not been an Irish Bach, or an Irish Beethoven, or an Irish Mantovani for that matter, perhaps...
Composers' Choice: Fergus Johnston
A preview of Fergus Johnston's Composers' Choice on March 28th, 2002, in the John Field Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin 2.
About the 2" and No. 3
A review of Contemporary Music from Ireland Volume Three from the Contemporary Music Centre.
Pie Jesu – National Chamber Choir
A review by composer Fergus Johnston of a new CD of contemporary Irish music.