Fintan Vallely

Fintan Vallely lectures in traditional music at Dundalk Institute of Technology. He is author of several biographical and ethnographic books on the music, and is editor of the A-Z reference work Companion to Irish Traditional Music.

Forty-Five Years of the Armagh Pipers' Club
Brian and Eithne Vallely have produced a book to mark forty-five years of the Armagh Pipers' Club containing a visual and written history of the Club as well as a collection of personal reflections and essays on its origins and impact.
The Irishness of Irish MusicJohn O’FlynnAshgate (Surrey and Vermont, 2009)It is a fact that music genres which originate outside Ireland tend not to be regarded as ‘Irish’. While this need not question the nationality of composers and performers...
Fintan Vallely, Dundalk IT, writes:Your interviewee Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh (Sep-Oct) presents a rather jumbled self-image with too many contradictions. He sees himself as both young and radical, yet swears by the ancestors – that’s...
Challenging the standard idea that traditional singing ‘can’t be taught’, Fintan Vallely argues that there is now an urgent necessity to do so.
Tiger Ireland, Turd Sniffers & Meta-Trad: People, Power and the Pursuit of Privileged Status in Music in Ireland
At a recent conference on 'Music and Identity in Ireland' one of the general editors of the forthcoming Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland implied that traditional music is lacking in scholarly analysis. Fintan Vallely, lecturer in traditional music at Dundalk IT, challenges the idea.
Banners, Turf and Liquefied Gas
New recordings and writings by Tommy Sands, Gerry O'Connor, Harry Bradley, Paul O'Shaughnessy and Paul Brock.
A review of the recently published Music In Ireland.
A new book by Cyril Maguire on the music of County Fermanagh.
Dear Editor,What dreary horror to see Patrick Zuk occupying 30 per cent of a 34-page magazine again (JMI, July/August 2003). In this format the potential wisdom of his words becomes just an unmemorable gripe, however revelatory. His comments were never a review...
Making the case for traditional music as an independent area of study in the Irish education system.
Dear Editor, I admire greatly and utterly support JMI as a badly needed and interesting medium within music in Ireland. Its cross-genre platform is hugely informative, and long may it develop. But reading the editorial of the Sept/Oct issue I found...