Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson is a composer

Cian Ó Cíobháin, An Taobh Tuathail, Vol. III, Psychonavigation (PSY 034)
Soft Bombs and Stories: Oren Ambarchi
Born in 1969 in Sydney to a Sephardic Jewish family originally from Iraq, guitarist Oren Ambarchi’s music is underpinned by his desire to tell stories. Transcending conventional guitar approaches, his slow, moving work gathers and sheds various elements along the way, reducing hints of other genres to bones. Composer Ian Wilson, for whom Ambarchi’s music has been one of the discoveries of the past five years, explores the ideas behind the Australian’s oeuvre.
Monoliths and DimensionsSouthern Lord RecordsThe beautiful ambient/minimalist electronica of Australian anti-guitarist Oren Ambarchi has been one of the discoveries of the last five years for me. His involvement in a new CD, Monoliths and Dimensions, was the...
Live Reviews: For You, Only You
Alamire – Mikhail Karikis / Various venues, Sligo 1–2 November 2008
Live Review: Stephen Garner's Hallelujah
RTÉ National Symphony orchestra, Gerhard Markson (conductor) / NCH, Dublin, 31 October 2008
In the last issue of JMI, composer Patrick Zuk argued that contemporary music composition is in crisis. Composer and Artistic Director of the 2004 Sligo Contemporary Music festival, Ian Wilson, bats back...
A preview of the Sligo New Music Festival 2003.
Composer Ian Wilson looks at opera writing today through the work of Gerald Barry, Salvatore Sciarrino and Morton Feldman's Neither.
Dear Editor,I must take issue with Richard Pine for his comment in an otherwise well-argued piece ‘In Dreams Begins Responsibility’ that ‘works by Irish composers are seldom performed abroad’. I’m afraid this is patent nonsense,...
The Composer as Prophet?
Where are our prophets today, asks composer Ian Wilson.