Massimo Cattaneo

Massimo Cattaneo is currently completing his PhD in Spanish and Ethnomusicology in NUI Galway (co-supervised by the University of Limerick). He is a recipient of the NUI Galway Doctoral Fellowship. Massimo’s research focusses on the introduction of flute in flamenco and its effects on identity and on notions of purity and authenticity. A former participant of the Access Music Project, Galway, he has qualifications in music theory, piano and vocals. From 2010 to 2014, Massimo wrote, presented and produced The Spinning World, a world music radio programme for Flirt FM. He has also worked in music production with Improvised Music Company. Massimo plays Irish traditional flute, flamenco guitar and bass. Massimo was a participant in the Journal of Music/Galway City Council Music Writer Mentoring Scheme.

Crossing Distance
Four-piece Nava have just released their latest album blending Irish and Persian music. Massimo Cattaneo reviews.
Navigating Life and Art
In his second article for the Galway City and County Music Writer Mentoring Scheme, Massimo Cattaneo reviews a performance by harper Úna Monaghan with singer Pauline Scanlon at the Galway Jazz Festival.
Tradition in the Making
In the third review from the new Journal of Music Music Writer Mentoring Scheme, supported by Galway City and County Arts Offices, Massimo Cattaneo reviews a Raelach Records showcase at the Black Gate featuring button accordionist Conor Connolly and fiddle-player Claire Egan.