Patrick Zuk

James Wilson (1922-2005)
An obituary of the composer.
What was Modernism?: Part 2
In the second and final part of his article on Arnold Schoenberg, Patrick Zuk traces the development of the modernist composer’s social and political vision and explores how it influenced his music.
What was Modernism?
Almost one hundred years have passed since the composition of the atonal works which were largely responsible for instigating musical modernism. in the first part of a two-part article, Patrick Zuk argues against claims made for Schoenberg’s historical position and the supposed implications of his innovations for the practice of other composers...
Composition and Criticism
Last November, JMI published an article by composer and pianist Patrick Zuk on the ‘rather chaotic state of contemporary composition and criticism’. A response by composer Ian Wilson was published in the Jan-Feb issue. Here, Patrick Zuk offers his response to Ian Wilson’s criticisms.
Must Schoenberg's Crisis be Ours Too?
Contemporary music is still confined to a tiny elite and composing is largely buoyed up by arts council funding or the support of third-level institutions. Composer and pianist Patrick Zuk discusses some recently-published ideas on how we got here...
Music and Nationalism: The Debate Continues
In some recent writing on the history of music in Ireland, several Irish scholars have claimed that nationalist ideologies had a stultifying influence on the development of classical music here. These views have proved extremely controversial, and writers such as Barra ó Séaghdha and Patrick Zuk have challenged them in a number of articles and reviews. In this article, Patrick Zuk returns to the subject and outlines his principal reservations.
Letters: Musical Constructions of Nationalism
Dear Editor,Given how pertinent the issue of nationalism is for all who are interested in Irish cultural life, a lively discussion in these pages on the subject would have been welcome in the wake of my recent review of Musical Constructions of Nationalism....
Dear Editor,Ian Wilson rightly points out in his recent article (JMI, May-June 2002, pp. 5-11) that excessive vocal vibrato, apart from sounding ugly, militates against precision of execution and justness of intonation. However, the popular notion –...
A preview of the Irish Youth Choir 21st Anniversary Concert.
Music and Nationalism: Part 2
In the second part of his review of Musical Constructions of Nationalism, a new book edited by Michael Murphy and Harry White, Patrick Zuk discusses the ideas on music and Irish cultural history of musicologist Harry White.
Music and Nationalism: Part 1
In the first part of a two-part review of Musical Constructions of Nationalism, Patrick Zuk discusses the contributions of Michael Murphy and Joseph Ryan and the questions they raise about the influence of nationalist ideologies on musical composition in Ireland.