Rob Casey

Rob Casey is a Dublin-based musician and composer of electronic and acoustic music.

Ergodos Festival
Gamelan Sekar Petak, Neil Sorrell (director); The Gong Agenda; Michelle O’Rourke (soprano); Salil Sachdev (metal bowl, djembe, hang); Joe Browning (shakuhachi), Jonathan Sage (clarinet); Linda Buckley (voice) National Concert Hall, Dublin, 18–19 April 2009.
RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra; Robert Houlihan (conductor); Matthew Jones (viola) National Concert Hall, Dublin 3 February 2009.
Live Reviews: Dublin Electronic Arts Festival
Various venues, Dublin 23–26 October 2008.
Live Review: Spatial Music Collective
Bridgewood Ensemble: Leonie Curtin (violin), Joanne Quigley (violin) Cora Venus Lunny (viola), Kate Ellis (cello) / SS Michael & John, Dublin, 26 June 2008.
Live Reviews: Benjamin Dwyer: Twelve Études
Benjamin Dwyer, (guitar) / Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin / 8 June 2008
Fidelio Trio: Darragh Morgan (violin), Robin Michael (cello) & Mary Dullea (piano); Natasha Lohan (voice) John Field Room, NCH 25 March 2008.
X, Y and Z
Rob Casey says critics are right to pigeonhole.
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National Concert Hall, Dublin / 15 January 2008
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National Concert Hall, Dublin 5 February 2008
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Zoid vs. the Jazz Musicians of Ireland / Diatribe Recordings DIACD001
Crawdaddy 9 October 2007
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Grand Canal Dock, Docklands, Dublin 15 July 2007