Roger Doyle

Roger Doyle is a Dublin-based Irish composer working in electronic music.

Philistinism aerial view
A recent book argues that Britain is in the grip of a ‘philistine agenda’ which treats the public like children who need to be protected from cultural and intellectual challenges. Composer Roger Doyle finds parallels in Irish broadcasting.
Cutting-Hedge Music and the Arts Council
In light of the arts council embarking on a consultation process in order to replace the Arts Plan 2002-2006, composer Roger Doyle offers his suggestions for improving and expanding current structures for music.
Funding for Opera and The Arts Plan
The huge cost of old operas limits funding for every other music activity in this country, argues composer Roger Doyle.
Notions of Notation
On the imperialist attitude taken by many classical musicians to music that is not notated.
Death of a Medium
Composer Roger Doyle on the death of a beautiful art form.