Tara Broderick

Tara Broderick is a teacher and graduate of CIT Cork School of Music. She was a participant in the Journal Music’s 2019 Galway City and County Music Writer Mentoring Scheme.

Exploring Schubert's Year
Sharon Carty and Jonathan Ware's new album is a collection of Schubert songs centred around the four seasons. Tara Broderick reviews.
Sweet Siblings
Irish National Opera's most recent production was a version of 'Hansel and Gretel' directed by Louis Lovett and Muireann Ahern. Tara Broderick reviews the Galway performance.
Impossible Craft
In her latest article for the Galway City and County Music Writer Mentoring Scheme, Tara Broderick reviews Norwegian hardanger fiddle-player Nils Økland and band at the Galway Jazz Festival.
Travels with My Aria
In the fourth review from our new Music Writer Mentoring Scheme, supported by Galway City and County Arts Offices, Tara Broderick reviews mezzo soprano Sharon Carty's concert of 'Suitcase Arias'.