Uncovering an Historical Irish Composer Uncovering an Historical Irish Composer Mark Fitzgerald A new record by pianist Niall Kinsella, featuring singers Raphaela Mangan and Gavan Ring and violinist Mia Cooper, presents all of Irish composer John F. Larchet's original songs for voice and piano. Mark Fitzgerald reviews.
Ghosts in the Theatre Ghosts in the Theatre Andrea Cleary Lankum's live-streamed show at the Abbey Theatre, titled 'A National Disgrace', presented an eerie image of the arts today – empty theatres and audiences watching from home. Andrea Cleary reviews.
The Bishop's Zeal The Bishop's Zeal Adrian Smith The recently released album 'The Red Book of Ossory' by Anakronos is a meeting of medieval music and jazz, inspired by the curious fourteenth-century poems by Richard de Ledrede. Adrian Smith reviews.
A Hero's Disruption A Hero's Disruption Jake Tiernan It has been an exceptional year for the post-punk Dublin band Fontaines D.C., and this week, just over a year after their debut 'Dogrel', they release their much anticipated second album 'A Hero's Death'. Jake Tiernan reviews.
The Punks Next Door The Punks Next Door Andrea Cleary Dublin band Silverbacks have just released their debut album 'Fad'. Andrea Cleary reviews.
Up to the Surface Up to the Surface Don O'Mahony Jazz musician Aengus Hackett has just released his debut EP of electronic music under the alias Penji. Don O'Mahony reviews.
Exploring Schubert's Year Exploring Schubert's Year Tara Broderick Sharon Carty and Jonathan Ware's new album is a collection of Schubert songs centred around the four seasons. Tara Broderick reviews.
Against the Party Line of Western Music Against the Party Line of Western Music Brendan Finan Jennifer Walshe's recent album, 'A Late Anthology of Early Music Vol. 1: Ancient to Renaissance', uses Artificial Intelligence to reimagine the taught history of Western music. Brendan Finan reviews.
On Life's Wave On Life's Wave Shannon McNamee Brigid Mae Power's 'Head Above the Water', released on Fire Records earlier this month, is the third album from the Galway singer-songwriter. Shannon McNamee reviews.
Circling Inwards Circling Inwards Brendan Finan Andrew Hamilton's new album, 'Joy', on the Ergodos label, is a collection of solo works for violin and voice – performed by the composer himself. Brendan Finan reviews.