Paddy Keenan As A Lego Figure
GearodandChris, creators of this YouTube clip, faced some unusual, though perhaps not unique, challenges while making the short stop-motion animation of Irish traditional music using Legos: '... Read More
Speaking Of Early Instruments
This animation was made by Ber Dowd and piper Blackie O Connell for the 'Anon is Anall' group show exhibition at the Rowen Tree Café, Ennis as part of the 2011 Trad Festival.
Our Editors' Picks of Love:Live Music
Over 300 events take place across Ireland on Thursday, 21 June, as part of love:live music, Ireland's National Music Day. We've selected the ten events that, given a helicopter and/or bilocation... Read More
Earliest Musical Instruments Found
This may be two-month-old news, but is worth revisiting. Researchers in Southern Germany have discovered the oldest-known musical instruments in the world, according to the Journal of Human Evolution... Read More
Evolution of Music
A collaboration between two scientists at the Imperial College, London, Dr Bob McCallum and Professor Armand Leroi, DarwinTunes is a musical model of evolution. The creators of DarwinTunes say they... Read More
Lúnasa Live Wiring
How does the nervous system react to music? How does learning music effect our brains? The traditional music group Lúnasa are hoping to help draw attention to these sorts of questions tonight when... Read More
BBC Review of Performing Groups
Even the BBC performing groups are struggling under the turbulent financial climate. The BBC have just released a report by John Meyerscough that outlines the results of an independent review of the... Read More
Rian Unplugged
The Fabulous Beast-Liam Ó Maonlaí collaboration, Rian, received a massive standing ovation after last night's performance in the Heaven's Gate set of the Visual Centre, Carlow as part of the Eigse... Read More
Making a Living from Music in Ireland
Neil O'Connor — of Somadrone, the Redneck Manifesto and Jape — was featured in the latest installment of the Irish Times' 'Generation Emigration' series. He talks about the difficulties in making a... Read More
Do Music Journalists Peak in Their Early Teens?
Hermoine Hoby at the Guardian is worried she might be too old for pop. She's twenty-seven. It's all sparked by an email from a friend: It made me want to ask a question [to my friend] that, like... Read More