The Politics of Debate John Waters How discussion of culture and society is stymied
Time for the State to Honour its Commitment Martin Drury Music Network – Ireland’s national music development organisation – has recently proposed an innovative system of national music education services based on national research. Here, Martin Drury, chairman of the report’s advisory group, introduces an initiative that could transform the musical, cultural and community life of towns and townlands throughout the country.In introducing Music Network’s report on the feasibility of a national system of local music education services, and underlining some of its key features, I want to begin by locating it within a wider frame of reference to do with notions of citizenship and of social equality.
CD Reviews: Kíla - Luna Park Dermot McLaughlin KílaLuna Parkkíla recordsPushing boundaries, wrestling with the form, taking ‘liberties’ with the sacrosanct immutable tradition (mar dheá), fusing/fusion, hybridisation, attitude. These are some of the things that come to...
CD Reviews: Séamus Quinn and Gary Hastings Robbie Hannan Séamus Quinn and Gary Hastings Slán le Loch Éirne – Stories to Tell Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD 152This is very fine recording from two excellent musicians. Séamus Quinn and Gary Hastings played a lot of music together while...
Music and Nationalism: The Debate Continues Music and Nationalism: The Debate Continues Patrick Zuk In some recent writing on the history of music in Ireland, several Irish scholars have claimed that nationalist ideologies had a stultifying influence on the development of classical music here. These views have proved extremely controversial, and writers such as Barra ó Séaghdha and Patrick Zuk have challenged them in a number of articles and reviews. In this article, Patrick Zuk returns to the subject and outlines his principal reservations.
Identity on Parade Raymond Deane A conference held in Virginia, USA, on ‘Re-imagining Ireland’ invited an array of Irish artists and intellectuals to discuss the modern Irish identity – but entirely omitted classical music. Raymond Deane explores why.
A Touchstone for the Tradition Terry Moylan A new book by Tony Kearns and Barry Taylor on the celebrated Willie Clancy traditional music summer school.
From Listening to Appraisal? Arthur Sealy Music teacher Arthur Sealy takes up the issues raised by Raymond Deane in his recent article on the use of his composition Seachanges (with danse macabre) in the Leaving Cert. examination.
CD Reviews: Island to Island - Traditional Music from Newfoundland Liz Doherty Island to Island: Traditional Music from NewfoundlandSeamus Creagh, Colin Carrigan, Aidan Coffey, Mick Daly, Graham Wells, Billy Sutton, Jason Whelan, Paddy Mackey (Ossian Publications)Once described as ‘the fifth province of Ireland’, Canada’s...