The National Ear: Part 1 The National Ear: Part 1 Richard Pine In the first of two extracts from his forthcoming book, Ceol-Áras: music and broadcasting in Ireland 1926-2001, Richard Pine describes the context of musical life in Ireland when RTÉ was established.
George Petrie: Distorting the Voice of the People? George Petrie: Distorting the Voice of the People? Tom Munnelly A review of The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland, edited by David Cooper.
A Eunuch's Shadow A Eunuch's Shadow Benjamin Dwyer Composer Benjamin Dwyer on new music criticism.
Music in 17th and 18th Century Dublin: Part 1 Music in 17th and 18th Century Dublin: Part 1 Douglas Gunn Early music specialist Douglas Gunn looks at th work of Farmer, Birchensaw and the Roseingraves.
Sean-nós Singing & Exoticism Lillis Ó Laoire A review of two new Connemara sean-nós CDs by Josie Sheáin Jeaic and Sarah Ghriallais.
Live Reviews: Up North!: Festival Overview Barra Ó Séaghdha There may have been periods when little or nothing seemed to be happening in the contemporary/classical world, but 2002 was not a year for morose contemplation of the difference between nothingness and near-nothingness. Instead, it seemed a year of achievement:...
Live Reviews: Up North! Cicada String Quartet Review Jürgen Simpson Cicada String Quartet, The Coach House, Dublin Castle, Friday 6 December 2002. Hallgrimsson – String Quartet No. 2 (1990); Ore – Cirrus (2002); Sørenson – The Lady of Shalott (1993); Volans – String Quartet No.7 Similarity No.1 (2002); Saariaho – Nymphea (1987)
Live Reviews: Up North! Avanti! Ensemble John McLachlan Avanti! Ensemble, Project – Space Upstairs, December 2002. Alcorn — Making a Song and Dance (1989); Edlund — Cose ballano i cinghiali (2000); Wilson — Eat, Sleep, Empire (2002); Adderly — Triologue (1987 rev. 2002); Rasmussen...
Live Reviews: Up North! Rilke Ensemble Choir Scott McLaughlin Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle, December 2002. Jennefelt – Tableau Vivantes (2002); Eiríksdóttir – Vetur (1991); Ungæ∂i (1991); Olafsson – Endar mér í vilbessi arga og ramma kynngi? (1986); Seig í...