Knocking on the Castle Door: A Place for Traditional Music at Third Level? Fintan Vallely Making the case for traditional music as an independent area of study in the Irish education system.
Will the Real Composer Please Stand Up? Will the Real Composer Please Stand Up? Eric Sweeney How does a young, or even a not so young, composer find their voice today? Is there a 'right' or 'wrong' way to go? Is one style more valid than another?
Look Who's Talking! Barra Ó Séaghdha A look at the current state of reviewing in jazz, traditional and classical music in Ireland.
Euro-Paddy Land Desi Wilkinson Traditional music and the Irish diaspora in Europe.
Silver on Silver Thrills Itself to Ice Mark Patrick Hederman Reading recent debates in JMI, one could be excused for thinking that there must be a misunderstanding about the term ‘music’, argues Mark Patrick Hederman.
Piano Concerto Piano Concerto Ronan Guilfoyle Ronan Guilfoyle previews his Piano Concerto at the National Concert Hall on Friday 16th August, 2002, with Conor Linehan (piano) and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra (Laurent Wagner, conductor).
Belfast Flute-Playing: The Next Generation Belfast Flute-Playing: The Next Generation Robbie Hannan A review of Harry Bradley's second CD, As I Carelessly did Stray.
Changes in Music Education in Ireland: Part 2 Changes in Music Education in Ireland: Part 2 Ita Beausang In the second part of her article, Ita Beausang charts the changes over the last century in music education in Irish schools and third level music education.
Jazz: A Singular Source of Opposition Declan O'Driscoll Exploring the art of improvisation.
Does the Fat Lady Have to Sing Like That? Ian Wilson Composer Ian Wilson looks at opera writing today through the work of Gerald Barry, Salvatore Sciarrino and Morton Feldman's Neither.