Call for Submissions for New Irish Language Oral Arts Strategy


Call for Submissions for New Irish Language Oral Arts Strategy

Deadline for submissions is 31 January.

A new national strategy for the Irish language oral arts is currently in preparation and the research team is seeking submissions from practitioners, stakeholders and the general public. Submissions can be in the form of a written submission, ideas or feedback through the website or by filling out a survey. The deadline is 31 January.

The oral arts are defined as drama and theatre; singing (contemporary, choral, church and traditional); spoken word poetry, lúibíní, agallaimh bheirte and rap; and storytelling.

It is the first strategy of its kind and follows the publication of the 2018-2022 Irish Language Action Plan. The research is supported by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and Creative Ireland.

Dr Róisín Ní Ghairbhí, who is part of the research team, said ‘A key element of the Strategy will be the contribution of stakeholders. This is a unique opportunity for practitioners, participants and attendees to take part in the public consultation process.’

Dr Sorcha de Brún added: ‘Our research to date shows that some of those who take part in Irish language based arts, or who attend events, are not necessarily Irish speakers themselves. Our research methodology aims to capture those nuances. For this reason, we invite submissions in English as well as in Irish, for those involved in Irish language arts who perhaps do not speak Irish.

To fill out the strategy questionnaire in Irish, see here. For the English version, see here. To make a written submission, visit


Published on 23 January 2020

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