Irish-language Contemporary Music Collective Gliogar to Host Concert in Conamara

Olan Monk – performing at the upcoming Gliogar night.

Irish-language Contemporary Music Collective Gliogar to Host Concert in Conamara

Event on 26 July in Seanscoil Sailearna, Indreabhán, will feature Róis, Spásas and Olan Monk.

The Irish-language contemporary music collective Gliogar will host an event in Seanscoil Sailearna in Indreabhán, Co. Galway, on Wednesday 26 July.

Gliogar is a collective of artists and musicians who have been organising concerts through the Irish language around the country. Previously they have hosted events in Dublin, Limerick and Kerry and they have an ongoing monthly concert in the Corner House in Cork city.

The upcoming event in Conamara will feature three acts – Róis, Spásas and Olan Monk –  performing electronic music, punk and noise music and incorporating some traditional sounds.

Róis (Rose Connolly) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Fermanagh. She performs regularly around the country with musicians from a range of genres. For her performance at Gliogar, she will be joined by Jamie Bishop, Peadar-Tom Mercier and Risteárd Ó hAodha.

Spásas is made up of jazz bassist Naoise Mac Conghail and singer and poet Marcus Mac Conghail. They have been playing together at festivals for the past five years, providing a fresh take on traditional songs and performing newly composed work also. In 2021 they released their first track and video, ‘What Happens When There is Nothing’, and last year released ‘Ag Fágaint’.

Olan Monk is a musician and writer from Indreabhán, previously based in Portugal. A founder of the C.A.N.V.A.S. concert series and record label with Lugh O’Neill, Monk’s recordings include Love/Dead (2020), ‘Na Madraí go Léir’ from the double album Apocope (2021), Auto Life (2021), and Dubplate 08 (2022).

Commenting on the upcoming concert, Gliogar organiser Risteárd Ó hAodha said:

Gliogar started as a platform to put on gigs through Irish with a focus on booking artists who present themselves through the language also… It is with delight we are now staying closer to home in Conamara to bring a show of contemporary music through Irish in Indreabhán on 26th July. Róis, Spásas and Olan Monk are the three acts … each offering different styles of contemporary music. The future of Gliogar will always be rooted in the language and we hope to bring music and artistic experiences across the island with a focus on rural and Gaeltacht regions.

The concert begins at 7.30pm and tickets priced at €15 plus booking fee are available to purchase at

Published on 19 July 2023

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