Music and Traditional Arts Project Awards Now Open for Applications

Music and Traditional Arts Project Awards Now Open for Applications

The deadline for the Arts Council Project Awards is 19 August.

The Arts Council’s Music and Traditional Arts Project Awards are now open for applications. The awards are aimed at individual artists and organisations producing projects commencing from January 2022 onwards. 

The deadline for applying is 19 August. 

Music Project Award
The purpose of the Music Project Award is to enable professional artists, groups of artists, and organisations, to create new music projects for audiences. There are three strands to the award. Strand 1 is for projects devised for live audiences; Strand 2 is for projects to be shared through broadcast or online; and Strand 3 is for audio recording projects. €40,000 is the maximum award in Strand 1, while Strands 2 and 3 offer a maximum of €10,000.

The Arts Council will prioritise projects which demonstrate a strong and imaginative approach; show a clear focus on maximising audience engagement; and involve the creation of new work or feature the performance or recording of historic Irish music.

Traditional Arts Project Award
This award is to support artists and organisations in creating traditional arts projects for audiences. There are two strands for the Traditional Arts Project Award. Strand 1 is for small and medium-scale projects and offers a maximum award of €20,000. Strand 2 is for large-scale projects and offers a maximum of €80,000.

Proposals for both strands can include projects that involve the creation and presentation of new work; include archival material; are performance-oriented and focus on repertoire new to audiences across all the traditional arts; and bring the traditional arts to new contexts or audiences.

Other awards that are also currently open for application include the Capacity Building Support Scheme, and project awards in the fields of arts participation, architecture, dance, film, literature, circus, theatre, and more. 

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Published on 23 July 2021

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