New Releases: Indie (May 2018)

Slow Skies

New Releases: Indie (May 2018)

A round-up of new and recent indie releases.

Featured below: Delorentos, God Is An Astronaut, Pursued by Dogs, Slow Skies and Inwards.

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Delorentos: True Surrender
Delo Records
27 April 2018

True Surrender is the first album in four years from Dublin indie-pop band Delorentos, winners of the Choice Music Prize for 2012’s Little Sparks. The band are aiming for a bigger, broader sound with this album, with dense production that is less dependent on guitar riffs and more influenced by ambient and dance music. 



God Is An Astronaut: Epitaph
Napalm Records
27 April

Irish instrumental rock band God Is An Astronaut weave a fine balance between noise and space with their ninth album, with a greater focus on sound design, creating a surprisingly smooth and engaging listening experience. 

Pursued by Dogs: Pursued by Dogs
27 April 2018

This self-titled album is the first by the band though they have actually been performing together since 2010. Their melodic electro-pop is marked by a unique transparency of sound, with electronic beats pushed right to the fore and double vocals drifting in the middle ground.

Slow Skies: Realign
AntiFragile Music
11 May 2018 

Slow Skies is a project of singer-songwriter Karen Sheridan, and in Realign her voice and songwriting is always centre stage – though without sacrificing confident pop production and unexpected instrumental flourishes. 


Inwards: Diesel
Small Pond
27 April 2018 

British producer/instrumentalist Inwards’ first album Diesel has the sound of an artist accustomed to performing live in its sense of movement and pacing. The combination of processed instruments and electronic sounds make for an idiosyncratic collection of experimental dance tracks. 



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Published on 16 May 2018

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