New Releases of the Week (13 November 2020)

A detail from the cover art by Donald Teskey for Daniel Figgis' new album 'engine detail'

New Releases of the Week (13 November 2020)

A round-up of recent releases, including Caoimhín Ó Fearghail, Basciville, Dylan Murphy and Emma Langford, Laura Cannell and Stewart Lee, Daniel Figgis, and David Donohue and David Lacey. To submit your music for inclusion, please email [email protected]

Caoimhín Ó Fearghail – Uilleann Piping from County Waterford
Released in February of this year on the Na Píobairí Uilleann label, Caoimhín Ó Fearghail’s Uilleann Piping from County Waterford did not perhaps get the attention it deserved because of the pandemic, and so we are including it in New Releases this week. Ó Fearghail is one of the most notable young traditional musicians on the scene at the moment. A piper from the Gaeltacht of An Rinn in County Waterford, Ó Fearghail is also a flute-player and in demand as a guitar accompanist too.  He is a previous recipient of the TG4 Young Musician of the Year award.

Uilleann Piping from County Waterford is the fourth in NPU’s celebrated Ace and Deuce of Piping album series, which has previously featured Eliot Grasso, Emmett Gill and Robbie Hannan. Ó Fearghail’s album contains fourteen tracks of solo piping, performed on an Alain Froment concert set. It’s skilful, discerning piping, carrying the stylish imprint of the strong piping tradition that Waterford has. Visit

Basciville – Calvary
Multi-instrumentalist indie-folk duo Basciville release their latest single, ‘Calvary’, today. The track will feature on their debut album Hymns to the Air, set for release early next year, following previous EP releases Blues in Red (2016) and For All Lost Youth (2019). The video to accompany ‘Calvary’ was directed and shot by the band. Visit:

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Dylan Murphy and Emma Langford – Between the Songs
Galway-based singer-songwriter Dylan Murphy’s new song ‘Between the Songs’ features Emma Langford accompanying Murphy on vocals. The upbeat, acoustic-driven track, with lyrics such as ‘Coz singing along with strangers / Is how my faith gets restored’ and ‘moments like this / In between the songs / Is why you and I get along’, is out on Citóg Records now. Visit:

Laura Cannell and Stewart Lee with Kate Ellis, Polly Wright and Jennifer Lucy Allan – These Feral Lands, Volume 1
These Feral Lands, Volume 1 combines words and music inspired by animal sounds, ancient stories and personal folklore. The ten tracks were built upon a set of unreleased violin improvisations by violinist and vocalist Cannell, titled Buzzard A-H, which were then recorded at the beginning of 2020 while watching and being watched by a buzzard sitting on a pole in the farmyard opposite her house. Cannell collaborated with writer and comedian Stewart Lee, cellist Kate Ellis, musician and writer Polly Wright and writer and broadcaster Jennifer Lucy Allan on stories and sounds for the album. Visit:

Daniel Figgis – engine detail
Released in October by the Dublin-based electronic label Frontend Synthetics, engine detail is the first solo release from composer Daniel Figgis since the acclaimed Skipper in 1994. Since Skipper, Figgis has been engaged in a range of projects, including landscape interventions such as MOTOR and TAMPER, interactive sound-installations such as Dublin’s CITY HALL, and a short movie, AWOL. engine detail contains two tracks collaborating with sonic architect and guitarist Gerry Leonard, and a third, ‘dimmerswitch - excerpt’, performed by Crash EnsembleCover art is by landscape artist Donald Teskey. Visit

David Donohoe and David Lacey – Noctules
Musicians and designers David Donohoe and David Lacey have just released a new work, Noctules, having previously collaborated as part of Dublin-based improvisation project Rainfear. The minimal arrangements of dissonant electronics, understated percussion and sparse piano chords of Noctules recall their work in other contexts, but here, extensive editing and processing are an essential part of the aesthetic. These recordings also utilise DAXA, a translator/catalyst for the Yamaha DX7, designed and implemented by Dennis McNulty in collaboration with Donohoe. Noctules is released on the Fort Evil Fruit cassette label.


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Published on 12 November 2020

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