New Releases of the Week (19 November 2021)

Liam Ó Maonlaí and Clare Sands (Photo: Kasia Kaminska)

New Releases of the Week (19 November 2021)

A round-up of recent releases including Clare Sands and Liam Ó Maonlaí, Séamus McGuire and Steve Cooney, Christy Moore, Jess Kav, Senita and Toshín, and Seán Clancy. To submit your music for inclusion, please email [email protected].

Clare Sands – Teacht an Fhómhair (Autumn’s Arrival)
Cork fiddle-player Clare Sands has just released ‘Teacht an Fhómhair’ (Autumn’s Arrival), the final in a series of four works Tírdreacha agus Fuaimdreacha (Landscapes and Soundscapes). The song series – which spans the seasons of the year across the four provinces of Ireland – saw the release of its debut track in February, ‘Carry My Song’ featuring Susan O’Neill, and has since featured musicians Steve Cooney, Tommy Sands, and singer and harper BRÍDÍN. ‘Teacht an Fhómhair’  features Liam Ó Maonlaí and was written by the duo about the last quarter of the year, including themes of the Celtic festival Samhain, and the veil between the living and the dead. The ethereal and enigmatic song features excerpts of spoken word in Irish at the beginning and throughout the song by Ó Maonlaí, who also plays the keyboard, harp and whistle, with vocals and fiddle by Sands. The accompanying video was created by visual artists Liadain Ní Bhraonáin and Kasia Kaminska and was filmed in three different locations around Inistioge, County Kilkenny. Sands’ Tírdreacha agus Fuaimdreacha (Landscapes and Soundscapes) project will be released as an EP on 27 January 2022, accompanied by a short documentary which will premiere in the Irish Arts Center in New York City in March. Visit:

Séamus McGuire with Steve Cooney – An Irish Viola / Vióla Gaelach
An Irish Viola / Vióla Gaelach is the new album from Séamus McGuire featuring Steve Cooney. The record highlights the viola as the focal point and features McGuire performing a collection of traditional tunes on the instrument with guitar accompaniment by Cooney. Tunes such as ‘The Bonnie Bunch of Roses’, ‘The Boys of Coomanore’ and ‘Lad O’Beirne’s Reel’ feature on the album, which was recorded in Groove Shack Studios in Ramelton, Donegal, and Éiníní in Teelin, Donegal. The album began as a lockdown project in May 2020 which involved McGuire seeking out traditional tunes that would suit the range and response of the viola and was then recorded between June and October this year. Purchase An Irish Viola / Vióla Gaelach here:

Christy Moore – Flying Into Mystery
Flying Into Mystery is the new record from Christy Moore, who this week was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award at the RTÉ Radio 1 Folk Awards. The new album features twelve tracks combining original songs by the singer, traditional songs and covers of works by other artists. ‘It has been a very different recording process this time around’, Moore said of creating the new album. ‘Since 1969 I have been involved in recording but never with a total absence of live performance. Since March 2020 all my focus has been on this album. Once more I’ve been privileged to receive some great songs which kept me well occupied. I produced with Jim Higgins and David Meade engineered the project. There are songs from Ricky Lynch, Paul Doran, Mick Hanly, Wally Page, Tom Tuohy, Gary Moore, Jim Page and Bob Dylan. These sit side by side with traditional songs and a couple of my own offerings! I am accompanied by Jim Higgins, Seamie O’Dowd, Gavin Murphy, Mark Redmond, James Blennerhassett and Andy Moore. If regulations permit, I hope to get back out on the road and do some gigs …Thanks for listening’. Visit:

Jess Kav, Senita and Toshín – Ascension
The X Collective artist collaboration group has announced its plans for releasing an album in 2022, featuring thirty five contributors. The first single from the album – ‘WB’ by Chloë Agnew, Zapho, Senita, Toshín and Gemma Bradley – was released in April, with the second track ‘Ascension’ released this week. The track is performed by three of the X Collective members, vocalists Jess Kav, Senita and Toshín, and is powerful and anthemic, with influences of pop, hip hop and rock. Produced by composer and singer-songwriter Liam Geddes, the song was written and recorded over two days at The X Collective’s songwriting camp earlier this year. A statement on the track reads: ‘A moment of healing and communal energy which was needed after 18 months of isolation, this cathartic experience is evident in the lyrics and volume of the song.’ Visit:  

Seán Clancy – Inventions and Canons
Composer Seán Clancy has this month released a new record Inventions and Canons. The collection of works is rooted in Clancy’s practice of recording sounds on his phone, something he began doing in 2014 and which now is central to his work. The Bandcamp description for the record reads ‘These canons move and morph into different sonic terrains creating some sense of movement, and are answered by some instrumental melodic inventions on synthesizer, guitar, or prepared piano, which are tuned to the sonic landscape. By doing this, I hope to illustrate another use of counterpoint, which is as I see it, simply one voice moving against another, sometimes together – much like we do in life.’ 

Purchase Inventions and Canons on Bandcamp:  

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Published on 19 November 2021

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