New Releases of the Week (27 August 2021)

The album artwork for Aisling Lyons’ ‘Buíochas’, designed by artist Sorrell Reilly.

New Releases of the Week (27 August 2021)

A round-up of recent releases including Rosa Zajac and Daragh Lynch, JYellowL, Aisling Lyons, Enda Gallery, and Ian Wilson. To submit your music for inclusion, please email [email protected].

Rosa Zajac and Daragh Lynch The Burning of Auchindoun
Lankum’s Daragh Lynch and multi-instrumentalist folk artist Rosa Zajac have released a new version of Scottish folk song ‘The Burning of Auchindoun’. The track is part of a new compilation album of folk songs Songs Without Authors Vol. 1 which is being released by London record label and artist collective Broadside Hacks on 10 September. Brigid Mae Power and Junior Brother also feature on the album which includes folk songs such as ‘If I Were a Blackbird’, ‘Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór’, and ‘Willie of Winsbury’. An excerpt from the album’s Bandcamp reads ‘In this compilation, we have embraced this spirit of Folk. We do not believe that these songs should be preserved in stasis: they survive by their reinvention. They are the property of everyone and no-one, and our joint inheritance’.  

All profits of the album will be donated to Focus Ireland, Scottish Trans Alliance and Sistah Space. Pre-order a digital, vinyl or cassette copy of the album on Bandcamp: 

JYellowL – See Me Finish
‘See Me Finish’ is the new track from rapper JYellowL, out today. Following the release of his debut album last year, 2020 D|vision – which was nominated for Irish album of the year at the RTÉ Choice Music Prize Awards – the new single will feature on an upcoming EP Shades of Yellow, due for release later this year. A trip to Nigeria which extended to two months due to lockdown inspired this new song and EP. ‘I decided to tap into the music scene there and I got a crazy wave of inspiration from the incredible producers and artists I met’, said JYellowL. The colourful track with repeating brass motifs, is based on an expression in Nigeria about taking people for granted. ‘In Nigeria, we have an expression called “see finish” which means over familiarity by making yourself too accessible to someone, being too kind… essentially being taken for granted… So saying “she don see me finish” means the girl in question had over familiarised herself with me to the point of taking me for granted… so I had to cut her off.’ Visit: 

Aisling Lyons – Buíochas
‘Buíochas’ is a new work by harp player Aisling Lyons, taken from her upcoming debut album, the details of which are yet to be released. The work is an original composition and features a melody on harp with accompaniment by guest musicians Paul O’Driscoll on double bass, Fergal Scahill on fiddle and viola, and Seán Lyons on guitar. ‘Buíochas’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin O’Malley at Malbay Studios and Lyons commissioned artist Sorrell Reilly to create the artwork for the piece. Purchase the track on Bandcamp: 

Enda Gallery – Cowboy Coffee
‘Cowboy Coffee’ is the latest track from electro-pop artist Enda Gallery, taken from his upcoming EP. The moody, bass-centric track follows previous releases from this year, ‘Old Fashioned’ and ‘I Want Liberation’, as well as a collaboration with pop singer Tolü Makay, ‘The Greatest Gift’. Gallery’s Bandcamp says of the track ‘“Cowboy Coffee” is a song about stepping into the world of hedonism as an innocent and being guided by someone a lot more experienced to things you never imagined. It’s playful, cheeky. It’s liberation from the fear of exploring that realm’. Purchase ‘Cowboy Coffee’ on Bandcamp:  

Ian Wilson  Echoes and Shadows
Composer Ian Wilson’s new record Echoes and Shadows was released yesterday (26 August) on Farpoint Recordings. The new body of work follows Wilson’s previous record Wild is the Wind, – released on Diatribe Records last year – and features three works for violins from the past two decades: Quattro Stagioni (2016), Eigenschatten (2004/2020), and I Quattro Elementi (2020). Quattro Stagioni is a quartet featuring violinists Helena Wood, Mia Cooper, Ioana Petcu-Colan and Katherine Hunka and is a 21st-century response to the idea behind Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Eigenschatten was written for two violins and features Dušica Mladenović and Dušan Panajotović, while I Quattro Elementi  – a work for solo violin based on the four elements (earth, wind, fire, air) – is performed by Mladenović. Visit: 

To submit your music for inclusion, visit:

Published on 27 August 2021

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