'Smart lyrics... a real passion and strength when performing': Denise Chaila Wins 2022 Music Moves Europe Award

Denise Chaila at the Music Moves Europe Award ceremony last week in Groningen, Netherlands.

'Smart lyrics... a real passion and strength when performing': Denise Chaila Wins 2022 Music Moves Europe Award

The EU award, announced at the Eurosonic Nooderslag festival last week, recognises emerging European artists.

Irish rapper Denise Chaila has been announced as one of five winners of this year’s Music Moves Europe Award. The awards celebrate upcoming European artists and support them in developing their careers internationally. The result was announced during a ceremony at the Eurosonic Nooderslag (ESNS) festival in Groningen in the Netherlands on 20 January. 

Commenting on Chaila’s music, the jury said her work was characterised by ‘Smart lyrics [and] a real passion and strength when performing.’ They added that she was, ‘One of the most exciting artists on this year’.

Other recipients included Budapest-based musician ДEVA, French multi-instrumentalist Mezerg; musician and YouTuber from the Netherlands Blanks, and Ukranian singer Alina Pash. All of the recipients received a prize of €10,000 and the opportunity to attend a training day at ESNS to further their career skills. 

The jury consisted of BBC Radio 1 presenter and musician Gemma Bradley, Cindy Castillo of Mad Cool Festival, Kevin Cole of Seattle radio station and arts organisation KEXP, Bryan Johnson of Spotify, and Ukrainian musician Alyona Alyona. Commenting on the awards, the jury said, ‘It was amazing to discover so many talented European artists. It made our task very rewarding but also challenging. Although all nominees surprised us with the excellent musical diversity and artistry’. 

Chaila recently released her EP It’s a Mixtape on Narolane Records. Her previous record, Go Bravely (2020)won the RTÉ Choice Album of the Year.

The awards succeed the European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA) and the Music Moves Europe Talent Award (MMETA), run by the EU since 2004. The prize has previously been awarded to artists such as Stromae, Adele, Mumford & Sons, Dua Lipa, Rosalía, Meduza, and, in 2021, Inhaler

For more, visit: https://mmeawards.eu.

Published on 24 January 2022

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