Five Opera Shorts

Five Opera Shorts

NI Opera have teamed five Northern Irish composers and playwrights to commission five opera shorts, to be premiered at the end of June in Belfast.

NI Opera members in Britten’s The Turn of the Screw 

NI Opera, currently touring with a production of Benjamin Britten’s The Turn of the Screw, have commissioned five short operatic works from selected Northern Irish composers, whom they have teamed up with selected UK and Irish playwrights. The aim is to showcase the strength of Northern Irish music and writing, the result being works that run the full gamut of dramatic intent and emotion, brought together by exciting new music.

The programme of short works is as follows:

Conor Mitchell and Mark Ravenhill – Our Day
Christopher Norby and Frank McGuiness – The girl who knew she could fly
Ed Bennett and Stacey Gregg – Jackie’s Taxi
Deirdre McKay and Richard Dormer – Driven
Brian Irvine and Owen McCafferty – May contain flash photography

The five works will be premiered at MAC in Belfast on 28 – 30 June. There will be a second performance at the London Southbank Centre on 13 July.

NI Opera has also just launched its 2012/2013 Young Artists Scheme, which gives four young artists (aged 21–31) a chance to explore the world of professional opera production, including understudy roles, recital performances, outreach programmes and training and advice. The scheme is open to singers, artists and technicians. See here for more information.

Published on 10 June 2012

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