Martín Alvarado Debut Irish Concert

Photo: Martín Alvarado.

Martín Alvarado Debut Irish Concert

Martín Alvarado performs in Dublin on 24 August as part of the International Tango Festival.

Argentinian Martín Alvarado is a leading tango singer and guitarist. Alvarado will make his Irish concert debut on 24 August in the National Concert Hall in Dublin.

The concert is part of the Tenth International Tango Festival, which is organised by the Compadrito Dublin Tango group, and it will also feature a dance performance by Compadrito organisers Hernan Catvin and Simona Zaino.

The Dublin concert will be followed by a range of appearances across the UK, including a concert at the Edinburgh Festival on 26 August.

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Published on 6 July 2012

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