Toner Quinn

The Journey of Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh
From Kitty Lie Over to The Gloaming
All to Play For
A challenge for music and musicians.
Music and the Betrayal of Ireland
A musical response to crisis.
A Connection Like a Full Moon
Is increased audience participation the great musical trend of our time?
How Can We Connect to the Musical Life Around Us?
Reflecting on the diversity and intensity of musical life.
In the Irish-speaking areas of Ireland, visitors are sometimes frustrated because they speak Irish to locals and are responded to in English. It doesn’t take long for them to give up altogether, deciding that the language is actually truly dead in the...
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Entrepreneur
Funding for the arts is essential, but without the right approach it can blunt artists’ entrepreneurial skills, writes Toner Quinn
The direct impact the new digital culture is having on music, in terms of access, dissemination and copyright, is well documented, but the indirect impact less so. If, as Benedict Schlepper-Connolly suggests, digital platforms will transform the status of...
What about England?
A new generation of musicians and singers is pulling the English folk scene alongside its Irish and Scottish neighbours, pointing to a new era of collaboration – and perhaps even the healing of old wounds, writes Toner Quinn
‘I mbliana ní raibh aon urraíocht ar fáil faraor, leis an tseachtain ealaíne is oidhreachta a reachtáil mar a bhíonns againn go hiondúil.’ Or, in English: ‘Unfortunately, no sponsorship was...
A Few Days in the Sun?
The rise and fall of the Irish new music scene.
The search for a sustainable business model for the producing and selling of music in the digital age persists, but it is crippled by a narrow view of the internet. Presenting this technology as either a threat to income, due to its ability to copy content...
Fidil, 3, FID002CD
For nine years, I have been poised as a magazine publisher, ready to leap into the virtual world entirely. From about 2006, I was expecting it every month. It has yet to happen. Earlier this year I witnessed another magazine, not unlike ours – one that...
Arc Light (Navigator 20)
The Most Mod Con
Has the affection for the piano in the home sustained – or is it now a piece of technology to be superseded?
A radical new vision of music subsidy is needed
Arts funding continues to look vulnerable in this economic recession, but it always has been, and we have to seriously look at why this is.Arts communities have continually put forward economic, cultural and social arguments for funding for the arts, and yet...
When Parents Stop Singing to Their Kids
Parents sing, sing, sing to their children in the pre-school years... and then it stops. Why?
There are many issues involved in writing about music, some of which are addressed in this issue in articles by John McLachlan and Bob Gilmore, but traditional-music criticism has problems all of its own.Unlike other genres, the body of high-quality criticism...
Dermy Diamond, Tara Diamond and Dáithí Sproule
Seanchairde/Old Friends3-Scones-2008-001The fiddle-playing of Dermy Diamond is the revelation on this trio recording. Although a familiar figure on the Irish traditional music scene, this is the first recording that carries his name. Spontaneous, inventive,...
The Art of Money
How the arts can get through this recession
Welcome to the first issue of The Journal of Music.Our philosophy is simple: we look for the bigger picture in musical life, and we ask those at its coal face – musicians, composers and listeners – to write about it.We connect across genres and...
Music That's Good Value
What values are inherent in traditional Irish music?
My Love is in America
On learning traditional Irish music from outside Ireland
In 1996, for a speech given at the Crossroads Conference in Dublin, Tony MacMahon wrote the following: ‘Underlying the affection of a large section of the public for [traditional music and song] is a preconception – that apart from its entertainment...
Before JMI began in 2000, I wrote down a list of people I intended to ask to write for the magazine. They were people I regarded as cornerstones in Irish musical life. With them on board, I felt, the magazine would have a solid foundation upon which to grow....
Repeat Experience
How outstanding traditional musicians separate themselves from the crowd
Turn it Up: John Kelly
For over a decade, John Kelly has been broadcasting his own distinct mix of music on national radio, first with the BBC, then Eclectic Ballroom on Radio Ireland (now Today FM) and Mystery Train on RTÉ Radio 1, establishing a reputation as a broadcaster who is always at the musical cutting edge, and building a particularly loyal listenership. His current show, JK Ensemble on RTÉ Lyric FM, is a rarity in Irish broadcasting, mixing classical, traditional, jazz and the avant-garde on weekday daytime national radio, and it has just reached its second year. In this interview, Toner Quinn, Editor of JMI, talks to John Kelly about his views on broadcasting, the current Irish music scene, the artists he admires and...
Improvements in music education are down to political will