New Releases: Jazz/Improvised Music

Seán MacErlaine (Photo: Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh)

New Releases: Jazz/Improvised Music

A round-up of new jazz and improvised music releases

Featured below: Seán MacErlaine, Francesco Turrisi, Michael Wollny Trio, Mary Halvorson, Matteo Bortone.

Each week The Journal of Music will be compiling news on new and recent releases in contemporary, classical, jazz, traditional music and more. Please send details of all releases to editor [at]

Seán MacErlaine: Music for Empty Ears
6 April 2018

Improviser and composer Seán MacErlaine releases his third album on the Ergodos label, this time collaborating with Norwegian musicians Jan Bang and Eivind Aarset. An album of rich soundscapes, Music for Empty Ears bridges the gap between contemporary and jazz. It will be launched with performances in Dublin, Cork and London



Francesco Turrisi: Northern Migrations
2 April

Francesco Turrisi’s new album is a collection of compositions and improvisations for piano, following his family’s life in Italy, from Sicily northward, and then his own journey to the Netherlands and finally Ireland. It also traces the pianist’s musical journey, marrying baroque, traditional and Middle Eastern elements to a jazz underpinning. The album also comes with original artwork by Turrisi. Northern Migrations will be launched in Dublin on 14 April.

Michael Wollny Trio: Oslo/Wartburg
6 April 2018

Oslo and Wartburg are two separate albums from the Michael Wollny Trio recorded just one week apart in the two title locations. Oslo is a studio album, with additional performances from the Norwegian Wind Orchestra, giving a new colour to the trio’s sound; Wartburg is a live album, with the trio joined by saxophonist Emile Parisien. The two standalone are linked by, in Wollny’s words, a ‘harmonic logic’.


Mary Halvorson: Code Girl
Firehouse 12
30 March 2018 

Guitarist Mary Halvorson is joined by a band of voice, trumpet, bass and drums for her latest release, a two-disc album. Code Girls is moody and experimental, combining looped riffs and improvisation, with both music and lyrics by Halvorson. 

Matteo Bortone: ClarOscuro
30 March 2018 

This is double-bass player Matteo Bortone’s third album as ensemble leader, joined here by Enrico Zanisi (piano) and Stefano Tamborrino (drums). ClarOscuro is a sequence of contrasting pieces, exploring electroacoustic elements, energetic compositions and long, winding improvisations. 


Please send details of all new releases to editor [at]

Published on 4 April 2018

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