Julie Feeney To Play Ten Nights in New York

Julie Feeney To Play Ten Nights in New York

Julie Feeney will perform in an off-Broadway music and theatre production in late-April and early-May.

Julie Feeney

Irish singer, songwriter and composer Julie Feeney, former member of the Irish Chamber Choir and winner of the Choice Music Prize in 2006 for her debut ‘pop’ album 13 Songs, will perform off-Broadway for 10 nights, from April 25 to May 6.

Feeney will perform as part of a music and theatrical show at the Irish Arts Centre, to be co-directed by PS122’s Vallejo Gantner. Feeney will perform each night with a small orchestra of strings, singers, recorders, sticks, guitar, keyboards, and trumpet.

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Published on 3 April 2012

Stephen Graham is a lecturer in music at Goldsmiths, University of London. He blogs at www.robotsdancingalone.wordpress.com.

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