The Teetotallers in Concert The Teetotallers in Concert Paul O'Connor Paul O'Connor on the joys of live music as delivered by Martin Hayes, Kevin Crawford and John Doyle.
The Internet Single and the Evolution of the Music Industry The Internet Single and the Evolution of the Music Industry Stephen Graham Stephen Graham discusses the phenomenon of internet releases, and listens to three recent internet singles.
Judging by the Covers Judging by the Covers Paul O'Connor Paul O’Connor sees creative expression as well as missed opportunities in some recent traditional music album covers.
Jazz's Focus on Ethnicity Jazz's Focus on Ethnicity Patrick Groenland Patrick Groenland listens to five recent releases by Tigran Hamasyan, The Unusual History of Ether, Sinikka Langeland, Keith Jarrett and Graham Reynolds.
Without a Core Tradition Without a Core Tradition Stephen Graham Three recent recordings of twentieth and twenty-first century Irish orchestral composition reveal a persistent ambition to fuse an Irish musical heritage with European styles of composition.
Solo Without Drive Solo Without Drive Patrick Groenland What has happened to the solo in jazz? Two performances in Dublin — by Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble; and Sean Carpio's Wowos — indicated to Patrick Groenland that there might be a trend away from directional solos towards an adjusted approach to group playing.
Performance Redefined Performance Redefined Scott McLaughlin The 2011 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival included extreme durations, music with found objects, non-orchestral music for orchestra as well as on-stage boxing and wrestling.
Effecting a Divide Effecting a Divide Anna Murray This year's Hard Working Class Heroes festival inadvertently made a clear division between better- and lesser-known acts. The result was that some of the most interesting bands struggled to draw an audience, writes Anna Murray.
Mahler Everywhere Mahler Everywhere George Rafael Was Gustav Mahler the most influential composer of the last 150 years? Two recent books by the journalist and broadcaster Norman Lebrecht claim as much; George Rafael, though, feels the question of Mahler's influence is more personal.
No Movement Without Rhythm No Movement Without Rhythm Jack Talty Rian is a collaboration between the musician Liam Ó Maonlaí and the choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan. For Jack Talty at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, the lines between music and dance began to disappear.