The Journal of Music Reaches 150,000 Readers

Toner Quinn, Editor of The Journal of Music

The Journal of Music Reaches 150,000 Readers

Readership has increased by 600% since the magazine moved fully online in 2010.

For the first time, The Journal of Music’s annual readership has passed the 150,000 mark.

Founded in 2000 as a bi-monthly print magazine and website, The Journal of Music moved fully online in 2010 when it had 25,000 digital readers. In 2014 it reached 100,000, and this month (Dec. 2018) passed 150,000.

Commenting on the milestone, Editor Toner Quinn said

This is an important moment for The Journal of Music because the publishing world is very competitive and fast-changing. Over the past eight years, we have seen how building a readership online inevitably comes back to strong, thoughtful writing and original music insights, combined with reliable information for a busy scene. Staying abreast of developments in a diverse music world is a fascinating challenge and one we love. We appreciate every reader that joins us, our many writers, and of course our supporters, in particular the Arts Council.

The Journal of Music has just launched a new mentoring programme for writers about music. For full details see here.

Published on 17 December 2018

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