Listings Help

What can I add to the listings?
Almost any music event or opportunity, for example, a concert, festival, job, internship, funding opportunity, workshops, conference, talk, opera, call for submissions, call for scores and lots more. You will see a full range of options when you log in and click on ‘Create a Listing.’

How do I add a listing?
First you need to register. Click on ‘Sign Up’ on the home page. 

Once you are logged in, click on ‘Create a listing’ on the home page – it’s in the second row of options, under the banner at the top. Fields with a red asterix must be completed. 

When finished, click ‘Save and Publish’.

I can’t register. It won’t accept my email address.
This may mean that you have previously registered using this email address. If you can’t remember your username and password, please click on the option to get a new password. If you are still having difficulty, please email info [at]

How do I log in?
Click on ‘Log in’, which is beside ‘Create a Listing’ the top of the page and enter your username and password.

I can’t log in.
Please check the username and password. If necessary, reset your password. If you are still having difficulty, please email info [at]

I didn’t receive an activation email, or a password reset email.
Please email info [at] and we will send a password to you.

How do I log out?
Click ‘log out’.

How do I edit a listing?
Click on the listing to be taken to its own individual page. Click on ‘Edit’ above the listing title. Edit the details of the listing. Click ‘Save and Publish’.

The venue I need is missing. How do I add a venue?
If you don’t see your venue in the drop-down list at the top, click on the “Please click here to add it” link just below the venue drop-down bar. Fill in the details of the venue and click ‘Save’. 

How do I edit a venue?
Click on the venue name on the listing. Click ‘Edit’ below the venue name. Edit the details. Click ‘Save’.

Message says my image is too small.
Make sure that the size of the image is at least 600px in width and 400px in height. To adjust the size of your image, open it in an image-editing software such as Preview or Photoshop. Or try a different image. An image adds a lot to your listing. Try not to leave blank.

I cannot adjust the clock.
Click on the time block. Type in the time. Click on the hour or minutes to adjust. 

I cannot adjust the date.
Double-click the date for a calendar.

How do I add video and audio?
Click on the video (blue) and audio (orange) icons at the top of the Description box and enter the url for the video or audio track in the first field. You don’t need to fill in any other fields.

The page does not look right or is jumbled.
It could be the browser you are using, or the browser version (we are aware of an issue with Internet Explorer 8, which affects 6% of users. We aim to address this issue very soon.). Email us (info [at] with the details of the browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) you are using and the version number (e.g. 5.1.7) and we can check it out. 

Do I need to add a venue for a job opportunity?
Yes please.

There are two or more venues that have the same name but they are in different locations.
Please email us at info [at] and we will amend the venues to make it clear which is which. Alternatively, you could try one. If it is incorrect, go back and edit your listing and try the other.

The category that I need is not listed.
Please contact the editors to suggest a new category. Email info [at]

Why is my listing not appearing?
Possible reasons:
– Did you click Save? Re-input the listing and click ‘Save and Publish’ at bottom of page.
– The new content may not have registered with your browser yet. Solution: Empty cache in your brower and reload page, or, wait until the top of the hour.

Can I replicate and amend a listing for every concert date on a tour?
Yes. Once you have created your first listing, click “Clone this listing”, which creates a new listing. Make your amendments (to date and venue for example) and click Save. Repeat the same action for other tour dates.

How do I edit my user details?
Visit Click ‘Edit’. Edit details. Click ‘Save’.

Can I share my listing on Facebook and Twitter?
Yes. On the top left hand side of the page you’ll see your social media share options.

I have various musical guises. Can I get separate login details for my other band, venue, organisation, company?
Yes, as long as you have different email addresses. Click on ‘Register’ at the top of the page.