New Releases of the Week (30 July 2021)

Houseplants – the new musical pairing of Daithí and Paul Noonan – have recently released new single ‘Window Pane’.

New Releases of the Week (30 July 2021)

A round-up of recent releases including Houseplants, Moxie, Pretty Happy, and John Francis Flynn. To submit your music for inclusion, please email [email protected].

Houseplants – Window Pane
Electro-indie duo Houseplants is the new pairing of Bell X1’s Paul Noonan and electronic artist Daithí. ‘Window Pane’ is their third single released this year, following debut ‘What’s With All The Pine?’ and ‘Companero’. The upbeat dance song – which renders clear LCD Soundsystem influences paired with Noonan’s distinct vocals – was inspired by the everyday sounds and sights of neighbours. ‘The everyday muffled noises we hear from our fellow humans living beside us tease us a little – a soundtrack to the mundane, the daily grind. Curtains, floorboards, hairdryers. People there alright, enough for the imagination to run with anyway.’ Houseplants’ debut album Dry Goods will be out on 17 September. Visit: 

Moxie – The Place Above
Alt-folk group Moxie have just released a new single ‘The Place Above’ that will feature on their upcoming album The Dawn of Motion to be released on 3 September. The song, which follows ‘Is Ainm Dom’ released in May, was inspired by singer Julia Spanu’s relationship with Ireland, her adopted country. With a fizzing pop sound, synths and a funky guitar line, this is Moxie as we haven’t heard them before. The colourful melody, upbeat tempo and instrumentation create a dance-pop song with a subtle hint of accordion at times, and a sign of a new style and songwriting direction for the band. Visit:

John Francis Flynn – I Would Not Live Always
Dublin folk singer John Francis Flynn’s debut album was announced with the song ‘My Son Tim’ a month ago. It came with an edgy, original video of a late-night drive and an erratic dance featuring Patrick Cummins. The brilliant energy of ‘My Son Tim’ stands slightly apart from the rest of the album, which is released today. Most of I Would Not Live Always burns darker and slower, akin to the work of Lankum. It’s an experimental debut, sometimes searching, wandering, but it draws you in and on ‘Shallow Brown’ and the three-part ‘Bring Me Home’, you are curious as to where the singer will lead you. Also featuring Ultan O’Brien, Consuelo Breschi, Saileog Ní Ceannabháin, Phil Christie and Ross Chaney, I Would Not Live Always is produced by Brendan Jenkinson and released on River Lea/Rough Trade.

Purchase the album on LP or CD here.

Pretty Happy – Sluggers Bridge
Art-punk trio Pretty Happy from Cork have this month released a new EP Sluggers Bridge, along with single ‘Sudocream’. The EP features previous releases ‘Salami’ and ‘Sea Sea Sea’ as well as a fourth track ‘Fintan O’Toole’. Commenting on the EP, the band said: ‘With Sluggers Bridge we have attempted to capture our live theatre-influenced, art-punk sound. We wanted to make this EP as interdisciplinary as possible, incorporating elements of spoken word and taking as much inspiration from the Irish stage as we do the Irish music scene’. ‘Sudocream’ is a fast-paced punk track with distorted guitar and slower excerpts of spoken word heard over a moody bass line. Purchase the EP on Bandcamp: 

To submit your music for inclusion, visit:

Published on 30 July 2021

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